the monotony
of everyday life
along the path
new ideas

Flowering lime
Our offer includes a furnished facility – a Pavilion – located in quiet, intimate surroundings, outside urban habitation.
The location and facilities are suitable for carrying out various activities, particularly those where the peace and quiet of the natural surroundings condition high-quality creativity.
The facility – cleared woodland – is filled with stimulating energy that creates foundations for the high-quality execution of creative activities.
Multipurpose facility – the Pavilion is technically furnished for groups of up to 20 persons. If the weather is good, the inside can be combined with a terrace for larger gatherings.
Guests can use the fully equipped kitchen or order in outside catering.
When renting an apartment, the price for renting or using the Pavilion is included in the apartment price. The pavilion can also be rented independently. The price depends on the demand and shall be included in independent offers. 

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